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To emotionally let go
Self awareness
To find balance


Remove blockages
Self empowerment

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1st – 7th April 2019
8th – 14th April 2019
15th – 21st April 2019
22nd – 28th April 2019

Spiritual Energy Healing Session & Self Awareness Seminar

Stage Four is a Spiritual Energy Healing session that focuses on emotionally realising and unblocking bad experiences that we’ve endured along life’s journey

Energy Healing works with the whole system energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our therapist will use a combination of quantum and vibrational medicine. These modalities assist the patient to find homeostasis/balance by finding the blockages, to understand the extent of the blockage and the root cause by clearing the root cause and being aware of how it assists the patient to regain its inner power with the ability to create harmony and wellbeing within the whole body system. Our Therapist offers relevant tools and techniques to assist you on your onward journey to health, well-being and self-empowerment.

Feel amazing after experiencing energy healing here at the Modern Sanctum in Ibiza

This session is combined with a one-hour group seminar on self-awareness and the power of the mind that you can harness to enhance your health and promote wellbeing.

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