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Align the Body and Mind

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1st – 7th April 2019
8th – 14th April 2019
15th – 21st April 2019
22nd – 28th April 2019

Nutrition & The Power Of Food

Stage Two, to provide carefully planned meals and a one hour talk with our nutritionists on the power of food and how nutrients can heal the body and prevent disease.

Here at The Modern Sanctum, we start with conscious eating. Food is energy and vibration, so being aware of the type of energy you place in your body is a good start. Your beliefs are the basic factor in your food choices, so getting your body to align with its inner-being by choosing foods that truly nourish your cells and raise your vibration is very important. Realistically we all need to get happy and feel inspired (easier said than done). We should eat for vitality and fuel rather than weight – it is time to put the life-force back into our meals!

Our aim is to offer knowledge of nutrition and exercise that can be incorporated into our everyday lives

We aim to provide tasty, comforting nutritious meals by working with a nutritionist and top cater company.

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