Meet our team of wellbeing experts!

Each member of our team specialises in self-awareness, mindfulness, nutrition, physical exercise and healing. During your stay, clients will work with many experienced professionals including an inspirational life coach, nutritionists, fitness experts, spiritual healers and Harley Street’s leading cosmetic practitioner.

Find out more about The Modern Sanctum family below:

Rebecca Rose – The Curator

“I created The Modern Sanctum as a representation of my life. After going through some personal trauma, I looked for guidance and techniques to re-train my mind in order to fight the pain and bring the positivity back into my life. Life is simply what you make it, yet some of us haven’t been taught the tools to master our own destinies. I built the foundations of the transformation retreat packaged based on my findings that helped me grow and be the person I am today.

I have surrendered to my past, I use my gut instinct as my number one ruler for making decisions. I meditate to aline with source energy, I train every part of my body including my yoni to stay young and healthy. I always consult my coach for the ways to approach situations. I live with a positive mind and I use nature as my playground.”

Qualifications: BA Business Enterprise 2.1

Ashleigh Guthrie – Life Coach

“I believe the reason we are compelled to pursue personal development, self-awareness, and empowerment is all due to wanting to know the truth about our ourselves. To reach deeper levels of connection to life, love & happiness. As multi-sensory beings, it’s natural to want to know as much as we can about the meaning and purpose of our existence.”

Known for her deep dive sensory experiences, Ashleigh Guthrie, with over a decade in the wellbeing industry has followed her passion for travelling and thirst for knowledge on mindset and mind-body connection. Ashleigh’s expertise of empowerment coaching, meditation and healing arts provide a brilliant pathway into the depths of your inner soul, where she will guide you safely inwards to discover a space filled with peace, connection and fulfilment deep from within yourself.

Qualifications: Level 3 Sports Massage, Freemind Hypnotherapy Coach, Meditation Teacher, Sound Healing

Ashleigh Neumark – Yoga Instructor

Ashleigh has been practising yoga since 2011 and has over 400 hours of training in both Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. She assists on teacher training in London and has held classes and taught on retreats internationally. Practising mystical vinyasa, for her yoga is a dance of life, with delicious slow and intelligent flows, playful and explorative yet powerful and deep. Her heartfelt and creative fluid sequences weave relevant intention and beautiful yoga philosophy throughout, helping her students to attune to the rhythm of their own unique bodies and move to the beats of their own hearts.

Qualifications: Professionally trained in Hatha & Vinyasa Flow

Roby Contaldo – Kambo Practioner

“In the Amazon, where the Kaxinawa, an Amazonian ethnic group location the banks of the Jordan River is where I started my practice and study on the Kambo Medicine. After several sessions, I felt how it strengthened my immune system and how it increased my energy. I could not help remembering my parents, who had died of cancer a few years before. This made me point out more than once that the Kambo has physical and spiritual health benefits and as well as preventing many diseases such as flu and cancer. This is being proven by scientific studies. For more than ten years I have been devoting my time to the Amazon rainforest medicine which is extracted from an amazonian frog and acts in two fields: physically and spiritual, supporting integral health and cleaning the organs from toxins.” – Roby

Carlos Rodriguez – Personal Trainer

Carlos Rodriguez is the driving force of motivation behind fitness concept Sport 2 Life Ibiza. Incorporating the natural beauty and landscape of the island, Carlos trains his clients in some of the most beautiful destinations around the island, combining nature and fitness creates the perfect formula for keeping motivated. With a mission statement of ‘If You Never Try You’ll Never Know’, Carlos offers his clients a varied programme that challenges and inspires, working on values such as ‘constancy, compromise, experience, illusion, feeling, improvement and goals.

The training basis Carlos likes to incorporate is born from functionality, isometrics, proprioception, plyometrics, TRX, unstable surfaces, metabolic stress, pilates, core, boxing and stretching. “Strength, elasticity, toning, fat loss, muscle gain. Whatever your goal is and based on the techniques used, you will achieve it, I just ask for commitment, perseverance, confidence and enthusiasm.” – Carlos

Uossy Atytalla – Yoga Instructor

Kind, expressive and energetic, Uossy teaches with an open, giving heart.A qualified Ashtanga Yoga teacher & Lifestyle Coach, Uossy combines her degree in Psychology and her deep intuitive understanding of the human body, with the mystical gifts of her Egyptian ancestry to support you in tuning in and exploring the multiple dimensions of the body, mind and soul. Through concentration, the power of the meditative breath, and a strong physical sequence, her yoga helps you transmute & channel blocked energy out of your systems.

She believes in the power of getting lost in the warmth and sound of your breath, finding stillness, and allowing your body to teach you about your non-physical limitations.

She will help you escape your mind, express the depth of your heart, and create a space to listen to the silent sounds of your inner rhythm, providing you with tools for a happier, healthier, more conscious life.

Arktara – Cacoa Ceremony, Yoni Egg Meditation & Energy Workshop

After a personal crisis in 2014 that led to a big shift and awakening, leaving behind the corporate world and her homelands of England to fully embrace a life of positivity, spirituality and the healing art.

Starting her training in San Marcos, Guatemala then deepening it further in Ibiza with her teacher Solara An-Ra a world-renowned channel and healer. Arktara made the connection with her team of guides who assist her to work intuitively in all of her healing sessions and workshops, bringing through wisdom and insights from the unseen realms, star family and past lives. She combines the channelled guidance with the energy of her own heart and soul to create a loving, safe space for growth, release and healing in all of her offerings.

Cat Faith – Shamanic Healer

In the healing sessions, Cat identifies and removes HUCHA using special techniques. After clearing the blockages, she reconnects the energy body to source, opening up the path to limitless possibilities. A clear map for change is created and tools on how to integrate that are provided. The intention for a session is not only to find the blockages but also the root cause of the imbalance. Cat starts the conversation in sacred space and everything is addressed. She listens with all her senses and scans the energetic body, tracking the energy. She investigates different areas, starting from childhood trauma, predispositions that might have been passed down generationally in the family (epigenetics), limited belief systems, toxic emotions, intrusive energies or imprints from past lives. She further creates a strategy and chooses the tools that need to be used.

The processes that Cat practices can assist in restoring health, releasing old behavioural patterns, emotional and psychic pain, moving through grief or loss, situations of crisis, addiction, depression, anxiety and phobias.

Ernesto Aparicio Guillot – Sound Healer

Ernesto is a qualified sound healer who has chosen an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years to treat addiction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, trauma, and even cancer (in conjunction with other treatments).

Ernesto uses a collection of gongs or metal singing bowls to create his sacred sound concert. He works the vibrational frequency to aline and open your chakra points, starting from the root chakra, all the way to the crown chakra, the third eye.

The sound vibrations also help move emotion, allowing you to purge grief, sadness, and anger in addition to physical pain. Altogether, these calming effects boost your immune system’s functioning, meaning that the benefits continue long after your sound bath session is over.

Siriya Yavissah – Homeopathy & Bioresonance

Siriya has a passion to remove all suffering to allow individuals to embrace the higher purpose of their existence. All sort of imbalances, diseases, either acute or chronic are relieved with homoeopathy daily in forward thinking countries like Switzerland, Germany etc. and as vast as India. Homoeopathy works because of the universal principle of ‘Like cures Like” & principles based on our understanding of the quantum field.

During a homoeopathy session with Siriya, you will be covering all aspects of your health from physical injuries to emotional pain. She will provide you with all the remedies needed for a month post-retreat and support via Whatsapp. Homoeopathy is part of Siriya’s Designer medicine sessions. You also receive Bioresonance, Biofeedback, psycho-energetic healing, life coaching, channelling & hands-on healing. Siriya encompasses all her healing art in her sessions according to what your Life Force requires to generate healing in all body systems.

Qualifications: Homeopath Ms Bsc LCHE RsHom

Christine Shenton

Christine has a nursing history spanning 30 years. beginning in dentistry and specialising in Maxillofacial procedures. From 1995, she has been a nurse and advanced to a Registered Nurse and advanced to a Registered Nurse in 1999. In 2004, she qualified as an Aesthetic Nurse and went to become an Advanced Practitioner and worked alongside top credited vascular surgeons Mr Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic in London.

Qualifications: Aesthetic Nurse

Gianluigi De Angelis – Chef

Gianluigi is a third generation of the Giggetto family restaurant since 1929 of the wonderful Italian cuisine. His culinary skills incorporate a variety of cooking styles Including macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian, raw, Peruvian (oriental) Indian, Balinese and he attended schools of Cordon Blue, Gambrel Rosso, Bakery School and Sommelier.