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Visit The Modern Sanctum, a Luxury Retreat focusing on Self-Improvement

Our Mission

We are a Sanctum of self-improvement, that’s time invested in one’s self. Here, your goals should be to break habits that do not serve you, be willing to let go of who you have been and become who you are meant to be.

We have been the caterpillar, now its time to be the butterfly!

Let go of who you have been & become who you are meant to be

Having experienced some channelling life experiences, I now know how to empower and heal my mind through meditation and mindfulness. I have been on the path to understanding and breaking deep-rooted bad habits that have healed by pain and have made me gain faith again in my life. The hardest part about change is about not making the same choices you did before.

The secret to looking good starts with loving yourself and knowing your self worth

What behaviours do you want to demonstrate in one day? Allow your brain to be no longer a record of the past, it is a map to the future. The hardest part is to teach our body emotionally what the future will feel like, ahead of the actual experience. I used to spend my whole life waiting for something out there. Now, I’m the creator of the world, my thinking and feeling has changed my outcome in my life and I have stopped blaming others for the pains that were once in my life.

Do you feel tired, stressed or overwhelmed?

If your job, relationship or family is causing you to feel anxious or stressed out, The Modern Sanctum is here to offer a peaceful place to unwind and reconnect with your inner feelings.

Do you want to get into shape and develop healthy habits?

Jumpstart your physical health and break bad habits with support from our trained professionals. We will help you learn healthier habits that keep you going long after the retreat is over.

Looking for purpose or direction in life?

Find your passion and get a clearer idea of your life’s purpose by spending a week at our luxury villa. Here you will gain a new perspective on life and go on an adventure with your inner self.

Ready to get back to nature?

Group exercise outside of the villa helps you connect with nature and the gorgeous setting is incredibly inspiring.

Time to check in with your emotions?

Our treatments focus on emotion release, allowing them to come through and helping you to unblock negative experiences from your past.

When did you last pamper yourself?

We all deserve a little TLC and here at The Modern Sanctum you can choose from a range of relaxing treatments including massage and facials.