“Sometimes I need to go off on my own. I’m not sad. I’m not angry. I’m recharging my battery.”

Become a brand new person at one of our luxury retreats…

Our luxurious retreats ensure we provide a unique experience to you. The Retreats include six nights in a luxury vila where a team of experts will guide you through the week’s activities which are based upon self awareness, mindfulness, nutrition, physical exercise and healing.

Your Package Includes

  • Six nights accommodation in luxury villa.

  • Welcome fish BBQ.

  • Five morning fat/protein shakes.

  • Five portion controlled low GI carbohydrates based nutritional lunches.

  • Five portion controlled protein-based nutritional dinners.

  • One leaving champion’s breakfast.

  • Five, cleansing evening Turmeric lattes

  • One, 60 minute, group seminar on nutrition: the power of food & how it can repair & reverse damage in the body.

  • five, 90 minutes yoga sessions

  • Five, 30 minutes, High Interval Training (H.I.T).

  • Three, 60-minute, outdoor cardio session (using the landscape).

  • One, 90 minutes, Life coaching personal session

  • One, 60-minute¬†group talk on training the subconscious mind.

  • One, 90 minute Life Coaching session

  • One, 120 minute, heart opening Cacao Ceremony

  • One sunset meditation with sound healing

  • One, 60 minute Energy Healing to unblock negative¬†emotions

  • One empowerment movement session/ PT combined with I Am Affirmations

Additional Activities

Aesthetics (Optional)

Massage &

Boat trip to Es Vedra



“Love a trip to The Modern Sanctum, always a peaceful journey and a perfect way to finish off the holiday in beautiful Ibiza.”


“Stress free & the perfect spot to relax on holiday. Always rely on The Modern Sanctum for the perfect getaway.”