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  1. Botanic medicine (optional) - connect with who you really are
  2. HIT session, Sunset Yoga, Morning Runs in the Pine Forest of Ibiza
  3. Structure your life and devise the plan for the next steps to a foreseeable future
  4. Transformation Masterclass to strenghten gut intuition
  5. Hikes through the rocky cliffs of Atlantis and Cala Tarida Mountain
  6. Yoni meditation and Tantra workshop to ignite with your feminine or masculine spirit
  7. Receive a detailed report on your Biofield, mind, and body, using Bioresonance
  8. Relax and get your energetic field back in harmony with a Sound Bath

Team work

The saying goes, "it's not what you know, it's who you know" that's why our handpicked team of professionals is the foundation of The Modern Sanctum winning formula. We are renowned for giving you results that you will take back into your everyday life and build your future. During your stay clients will work with many experienced professionals including life coach, fitness expert, Shamans, and leading cosmetic practicioner.

Rebecca Rose - The curator

The Modern Sanctum was created as a represantation of my own experience. After going through my own personal trauma, I sought guidance and began to lear techniques to re-train my mind in order to conquer pain and bring positivity back. Life is simply what you make it, yet most of us haven't been taught the tools to master our own destinies.

The foundation of The Modern Sanctum transformation retreat is a package based on my personal findings, the very tools that helped me grow and be the person I am today.

I am surrendered to my past, as use my gut instinct as my number one ruler for making decisions. I meditate to align with source energy, I train every part of my body including my womb to stay young and healthy. I always consult my coach for ways to approach situations. I live with a positive mind and I use nature as my playground.

I personally invite you to come on each of these journeys, and learn a new way of living.

The Schedule

The schedule is designed to give you a better understanding of who you are and how to perform at your absolute best. Learn the techniques to train your subconscious mind and stay in control of your emotions.

With no stone left unturned, we go as deep as connecting with the divine feminine and masculine spirit as an essential part of The Modern Sanctum transformation process.

Day 1

  • Settle into our cosy yet contemporary villa
  • Meet the team and guests members and enjoy some culinary dishes at the welcome BBQ; or
  • Botanical medicine ceremony

Day 2

  • Affirmation settings and training the subconscious mind
  • Breathtaking yet challenging the cardiovascular system on the Atlantas hike
  • Evening release and recovery yoga sessions

Day 3

  • Open the Heart Chakra with Group Cacao Ceremony
  • Yoni egg meditation; or
  • Male Tantra workshop
  • Fat burning HIT class
  • Work flexibility with Sunset Yoga

Day 4

  • Start the day with meditation and affirmation settings
  • Work the lower body with Animal crawl and functional training in the cave
  • Receive detailed analyses of mind, body, and soul using Bio-Resonance

Day 5

  • Learn to trust your gut intuition on the Transformation workshop
  • Explore the island whilst fat burning on the Cala Talida Hike
  • Release and send love to yourself with a Gong bath

Day 6

  • Stretch out your body & soul with a movement-meditation practice
  • Create the plan to achieve future goals with our private Life Coaching session
  • Work on burning fat with HIT session
  • Enjoy a sociable and delicious meal in one of Ibiza’s renowned restaurants

Additional features

Make your loved ones really notice a difference by booking in a few cosmetic treatments with our fully qualified cosmetic nurse.

Take out the strain from the weeks exercising and go back feeling revitalized with a deep tissue massage.

Opt for a new look entirely with a top stylist giving you their professional advice on your hairstyle for the new you.

Feel like you have seen the island from a different view by taking out the boat for the day.

For more information about our additional features, please email .



  • Affirmation masterclass
  • Private coaching
  • Homeopathy & Bio residence report
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Yoni egg meditation (women)
  • Tantra workshop (male)
  • Energy workshop
  • Hikes
  • Animal crawl
  • Hit training
  • Yoga
  • Sound healing bath


  • Transfers from the airport
  • 6 nights in a luxury villa


  • 5x detoxing juices
  • 5x natural fitness food protein shakes post workout
  • 5x carbohydrate lunches
  • 5x protein dinners
  • 1x welcome BBQ
  • 1x champions leaving breakfast

Book now

Shared (x2 people) $2,500pp
Single occupancy + £500

Shared (x2 people) $2,300pp
Single occupancy + £400

Pay a deposit of £350 to reserve your spot and pay the remaining balance 8 weeks prior to travel.

What's not included

  • Flights to Ibiza
  • Botanical Plant Medicine Ceremony. An extra £240 will need to be paid to a third party. For more details and brochures on the ceremony. Email:

Good to know

  • If you need help with finding the best flight options, shoot us an email or Whatsapp and we will gladly help!
  • Reserve your spot with a small deposit. This is fully refundable within 7 days.
  • For best value price, select 2 px occupancy and we will match you with a same-sex roommate.



Check-in starts around 16:00 on day one and ends at noon on day seven.

For those wanting to take the earlier flight and to have more time in the sunshine, you are welcome to check in and lounge around the pool, or drop off your suitcase and head out to Ibiza Town or the beach.

Our welcome barbecue and starts and 19:30hr.

All guests are required to have their own individual comprehensive travel insurance.

There is only one airport in Ibiza.

Please advise of any past or current medical conditions and/or injuries that may affect your participation in any activities.

Our week’s menu will be mostly vegetarian, some dishes may include fish, chicken and eggs. Please advise if you have any allergies i.e. gluten, nut, or have any special requirements such as following a vegan diet and we will accommodate you.

The utility room has two washing machines and a dryer. With full time staff in the house, your probably won’t spend too much time in this room yet it’s here to freshen up your kits.

Let’s make the experience as relaxing as possible. Comfy clothing for lounging at meal times and in between workouts, snuggly socks, warm cardigan/jumpers are still required in the evenings as not quite summer weather yet.
Training clothes for fitness included trainers. Yoga can be more relaxed yet make sure it’s comfortable. Everyday there are exercise sessions yet to avoid over packing we have a laundry room to wash kits.
There are hikes included yet trainers are preferred as the hikes will incorporate functional training.
A swim suit for sun lounging at the villa if not deep in the sea on the boat excursion.
One casual evening outfit for our meal out in Ibiza Town.
Daily high temperatures for April rise from 18°C at all the way up to 24°C.

  • Shower towels and local organic body wash and soaps
  • Beach towels are provided but suntan lotion for lazy pool sessions and beach time needs to be packed by yourselves
  • Hairdryers are provided