How will the modern sanctum make me feel?

Our mission is to retrain the sub-conscious mind and help you let go of anything that no longer serves you. Here is a warm, nurturing environment where we focus on rewiring your old ways into new mindsets that will encourage you to reach your full potential and find your true purpose. With us, you’re in safe hands.

Though our past experience, retreats are traditionally targeted at women, so we are changing the status quo to encourage men to feel that healing is as much for them as it is for women.

Why Ibiza?

Location, location, location. Ibiza is an obvious place for any transformation process to take shape. The island is famous for its abundant selection of healers, its magnetic pull from Es Vedra and its natural landscapes. This fusion creates a magic that is the spirit of Ibiza.

Is it for me?

YES! Our retreats have been specifically designed to suit cosmopolitan well-traveled, professional, open-minded people. We welcome anyone to come and transform their mind and soul with us, to come on a journey to set your intention for your future.

Why choose us?

Our approach is different. Unlike most companies promoting the generic “mind, body and soul” retreats, here at The Modern Sanctum we really delve deeper into the mind and the soul, making the transformation process unlike any other.

Our winning ways

We pride ourselves on being a compassionate and committed team, offering a warm, sophisticated environment where you can truly relax and let go in our trusted hands.