Cat Faith

“The Modern Sanctum has a fresh approach. It combines very different practises, bringing them together in an innovative way. Love the selection of classes and the international team that was brought together to hold space for the group.

Looking back at the we week spent together I realize all of us started in one place and finished in a completely different one: vary motivated, inspired, with solid plans and ideas for growth. I can still feel the ‘retreat effect’ now.”

Vanessa Villani

“Unforgettable experience, I highly recommend the modern sanctum. I learned so much in one one week, I’ve met such amazing people. The staff was so professional and made me feel like home, the food was something else. I felt so much more centered after this week. Thank you so much for this unforgettable week”

Sthefany Candido

“Life changing experience! I got the opportunity to reconnect with nature, look after my body, mind and soul. The staff looked after us with a lot of care and the premises were super comfortable and luxurious. I’d highly recommend it!”

Rosalyn Sian Evans

“Relaxing, revitalising & rejuvenating! The whole experience from beginning to end was fantastic. Amazing location, excellent yoga and fitness classes. Food was heavenly and the company was soul affirming. Recommend it definitely! Everyone should experience a bit of The Modern Sanctum!”