What are Positive Affirmations? 

(aka Self-Affirmations)

At The Modern Sanctum, we practice using positive affirmations to help you overcome barriers and self-doubt. This effectively means writing a list of affirmations personal to you, that inspire and motivate YOU – which will be used to as a tool to help you become the best version of yourself.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of positive affirmations, I’ll try and shed some light on what they are and how they work. In simple terms, affirmations (sometimes called “self-affirmations”) is basically ‘repeating positive sentences to yourself’ as a way to build your self-belief within your subconscious mind. This could be something like:

“Life brings me only good experinces. I am open to new and wonderful changes.”

“Abundance flows freely through me.” 

“Through courage and hard work, I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.” 

At first, saying phrases that you may not necessarily believe in can make you feel a little self-conscious, however, at The Modern Sanctum affirmations are used to help you reflect what you want to be true. Over time, the consistent repetition of these daily affirmations will help to reshape your inner-beliefs and assumptions about yourself and in-turn the world around you. This reshaping will give you a more positive perception of who you are and where you stand. So most importantly, you have to decide to truly believe an affirmation to be true. It’s important to understand that any limitations you have are simply ones you have placed on them and are not necessarily true. Watching you grow in confidence through affirmations is nothing short of magic for us! 

Positive Affirmations: How They Can Change the Way You Think

Daily affirmations are also proven to change the way you think in lots of ways. In fact, did you know psychologists and neurologists are increasingly interested in how positive affirmations affect the brain and subconscious mind?

 Benefits of Daily Affirmations;

When you’re stressed and let’s be honest, it happens to us all. You can boost your problem-solving skills by using self-affirmation. Affirmations can help you perform better under pressure in career and love, so useful for pre-job interviews and first dates!

Greater awareness makes you more likely to challenge negative thoughts as they arise. This also enhances your self-knowledge, making you better at knowing what you want in life.

Reconnecting with your feelings of gratitude and enhance your perspective on the good things in life, so boosting your happiness

Recent research indicates that optimistic people tend to have better cardiovascular health. So if your affirmations make you more optimistic, they could help you live longer too, so that’s an added bonus! 

Why use affirmations and when is the best time to use them?

At Modern Sanctum, we say there is no right or wrong answer to when is the best time to use affirmations. However, the early bird catches the worm and if you start in the morning, you are effectively setting your day up by starting out in a positive frame of mind. Plus, saying powerful affirmations when you wake up can help you shake off any negativity from dreams or block your brain from filling up with any problems or difficulties you may be facing. In truth, the best thing to do is affirm yourself constantly throughout the day to maintain that way of thinking.

I advise my guests to always try these things and notice the difference in their life and the impact it has. When starting out, it would be best to make this the first thing you do and many successful believers will have affirmation cards or post-it notes in view as soon as they wake up.

At Modern Sanctum, we give our clients postcards to write the affirmation statements which can be stuck on the mirrors in their room and we advise them to rehearse each morning, until they have mastered the practice and it becomes part of their daily morning routine and they csn continue their affirmations after the retreat. 

In summary, self-affirmations are good for your body and your subconscious mind. By changing the way you think, affirmations can help you to slowly transform your whole life. The best way to see if it works is to try! I hope this helps gives you a small insight into the positive affirmation ceremonies at The Modern Sanctum and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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