The story of transformation

“The secret to looking and feeling good starts with self-love and knowing your self-worth.”

Rebecca Rose, founder of The Modern Sanctum, is no stranger to trauma, she is open about her past abusive, controlling, toxic relationships, but rather than letting her trauma define her – it’s made her stronger and the empowering woman she is today. The Modern Sanctum rose out of the ashes of her challenging life experiences and reflects everything she stands for.

Unlike some experts, Rebecca has experienced first-hand the damage trauma can have on her own mental well being; she had to sink to the depths of fear and despair to rise to the top. Through research, healing retreats and her own personal exploration, she has discovered the tools – which have transformed her life. The Modern Sanctum has an experienced team of experts specialising in; yoga, life coaching, mediation, personal training and mindfulness to help you perform at your best.

The Modern Sanctum can make a positive transformation a reality for you. It’s the place to be if you have suffered a past trauma and you are; seeking to unblock the subconscious, discover real relationships as well as exploring and believing in your own your self-worth – which can often be easier said than done!The body content of your post goes here. To edit this text, click on it and delete this default text and start typing your own or paste your own from a different source.

Rebecca – The Early Years

Looking back, Rebecca’s family life was, to put it mildly, chaotic: Rebecca said: “Life growing up wasn’t conventional. Age 11, a very impressionable age, the chaos started in the home. My mother divorced my father and re-married his older brother. It caused anger with my father, who violently attacked my mother before leaving the family home. My uncle (step-father) had undergone treatment for cancer and survived. Ten years later, my father got cancer and unfortunately died in his 50s. I had been carrying resentment and pain on my shoulders for 15 years.”

From an early age, Rebecca carried the heavy burden of trauma, she was; fearful, alone and mentally unstable; her outlook was bleak. She lacked strong, relationship role-models and was there for was attracted to, controlling, damaging partners who preyed on her insecurities – she didn’t question this because this was her normal. Every one of her bad relationships chipped away at her self-worth, until she was left an empty shell. She felt unworthy of love and was on a downward spiral, unconsciously rejecting any commitment.

“This lack of love for me meant I couldn’t let love in and dismissed the good guys, and self-sabotaged with the broken ones.”

The “Chain of Pain”

Rebecca tried plant medicine as a means to end her “chain of pain”, but unfortunately, the revelation was short-lived.  Rebecca, bounced back to her controlling ex-partner. She craved; unconditional love and stability – at any cost. She desperately wanted a family of her own, but after becoming pregnant, this joy didn’t have the “happy ever after” she dreamed of. Rather than her partner nurturing and making her feel secure, he became even more controlling and violent. The turning point came when he had a meltdown, took Rebecca’s car keys, threw her in the passenger’s seat, drove her to the edge of a cliff, dragged her by my hair and verbally abused her. Sadly, for the safety of her un-born child, Rebecca took the incredibly painful decision to have an abortion, one of the hardest decisions she ever made. She came to the very uncomfortable realisation: “If you are forced to alter your behavior because you are frightened, you are being abused.”

Rebecca describes this traumatic episode as “The death of the old Rebecca.” She had a choice, she could curl up into a ball and block out the world or change the negative cycle – she chose the latter.

So, what changed?

Rebecca spent the first six months in silence, paralysed by the pain, she hardly spoke. It took around two years for her to recover, and this is where she discovered paint medicine, energy healing, life coaching, psychotherapy, mediation, positive affirmations, and training the subconscious mind to remove thought patterns. She preserved her eggs at 39 and nurtured her soul and finally believed she was worthy of happiness. 

“I have healed, and through my pain, I’m starting to understand who I am; life is intended to be easy, for the ones that think it’s hard you are wrong.”

For the record, Rebecca, isn’t a man-hater! She now openly goes into relationship knowing that her happiness is not dependent on anything her partner does. She’s honest enough to admit, she still doesn’t really know what “love” is, but she knows it’s not just that warm and fuzzy feeling, its actions, it’s what you do.

Attracting a partner, according to Rebecca, can be simple, but the real effort comes from unblocking, expanding, stepping into your worth, listening to red flags and, most importantly, NOT SETTLING for second best. The key is showing your subconscious over and over again that every little aspect of what you want is possible.

“Love blossoms under the freedom of not having to complete us and expands what is already inside of us.”

If you have experienced a trauma in your life and would like to work with Rebecca or visit The Modern Sanctum please get in touch. 

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